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Ramon’s Tooth

Shen Ramon


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A long hike across the Ramon Crater. Great vistas, wide open expanses and beautiful rock formations.

Closest Town Mitzpe Ramon
Difficulty medium-difficult
Length 12 km
Duration 4-5 hours
Recommended season Nov-Dec Jan-Feb, March-Apr, May-Jun, Sep-Oct
Recommended time Morning

Getting there
Hike description

By bus- Take a bus to Mitzpe Ramon and ask to get off at the “camel mountain”

bus stop (HAR GAMAL, in Hebrew) in front of The Green Backpackers hostel. Walk

southeast along the street to the left turn. Follow the street for 50 meters and go to

the cliff on your right, looking for the green markers.

By Car-
Drive to Mitzpe Ramon. Turn into town on Ben Guryon Blvd. Drive straight to “Zvi

Hazan” circle and continue straight. Turn left on Rehavam Zeevi St. Pass a left

turn as the street curves right and arrive at a circle. Turn Left at the circle and drive

straight for 200 meters to the left turn. Pass the Green Backpackers Hostel. Turn left

and drive for another 50 meters. Park on the street, or at the nearby parking lot, and

look for the first green markers heading southeast from this point.

Starting Point: Mitzpe Ramon, Southeast corner of town.
Finish Point: Ammonite wall parking lot on hw 40.

Start off from the trailhead at the southwest corner of town- marked green. You’ll be

following an ancient camel pass. Towards the bottom of the descent you’ll pass a

connection with a blue trail on your right. Stay on the green and follow it on the side

of the black hill and down into the small wadi. Once you descend to the bottom notice

the basalt pillars on your left and follow the red trail markers heading south (with the

town of Mitzpe Ramon behind you). Your next stop is the lone acacia where the trail

crosses Ramon creek. Occasionally along this section you’ll see the INT markers.

The trail will climb gradually as you approach the southern cliffs. A green trail will

branch off to your left- Remain on the red-marked trail, it will take you straight up to

Ramon-Tooth- a mountain of granite thrust in the middle of the continuous limestone

cliff-line. Take a moment to enjoy-
Ain’t the top of the world awesome?

Climb down the other side and follow the trail as it curves left to Ammonite wall and

HW 40.

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As my first hike in the Negev, the trail gave me a great introduction into the variety of landscapes and natural phenomena that the desert has to offer. Starting from the Green Backpackers Hostel and going down into the crater you will pass by colorful sand and stones, plants growing in riverbeds and of course the big tree basically in the middle of nowhere. Stop there to take a break and use the shade before going up on Ramon´s tooth. Enjoy the incredible view and walk a bit along on top. The way down from the top is a bit harder but definitely doable. The rest of the trail will reward you with the pure desert feeling. For sure a great trail to start your Negev- experience with!


I diverted onto the green trail just before the end of this route, adding a nice steep climb and one extra lookout point to the great day. Started at 9:30 and finished at 14:30 which included a one hour break for lunch. It took me about 20-30 minutes to hitchhike back to Mitzpe so keep that as a minimum in mind when timing things out.


I loved it! The walk through the crater was beautiful as you could see the landscape change. The last bit over Ramon’s Tooth was quite challenging for an unexperienced hiker like me but finishing the hike was a great feeling!
You should definitely get up early to do this hike before it gets too hot!


One of the beautiful and interesting trails in the Negev desert, the crossing of the Ramon crater enables you to practically walk upon the different layers of stones from so many geological eras, a very unique experience


I did this hike twice in the summer of 2013 with some wonderful people staying with me at the Green Backpackers in Mitzpe Ramon. What an incredible route! It is the perfect Makhtesh experience, with a steep descent, a solid hour or more walking across the crater’s strange, flat landscape, and a breath-taking ascent. You get to fully experience the exhilarating and desolate beauty of this amazing region.


I walked this route as part of a several day section of the Israel National Trail and loved it. The hike begins with great views from the top of Makhtesh Ramon. Hiking through the crater is a blast, and while the climb up to Shen Ramon is steep, the views at the top make the climb well worth the effort. Take a break in the shade of an acacia tree midway through the crater, and spend some time checking out the fossils in the Ammonite Wall right before reaching Highway 40 at the end of the hike.

Tim Petereit

A great trail to see the crater from two sides. In winter it is even reasonable to walk back out since the landscape looks different depending on your angle and the daytime. I did it twice, I would do it again anytime.


This as a great hike! We did it around New Year’s, which made the weather perfect. It’s a fairly moderate hike, with a little bit of scrambling/climbing. I took trekking poles, but found I didn’t really need them. Remember to take water!


Amazing hike! takes a few hours and rewards you with a great view over the crater from the otherside. and no problem to hitchhike back to Mitzpe Ramon


The perfect desert hike. Not too long, not too short. Great Vista with 360 degrees view.


Absolutely amazing trail.
I came to the town of Mitzpe Ramon without knowing much about this place.
This was my first desert hiking experience, and I loved this trail so much that I ended up staying in the Negev for a whole week and decided to do it again on my last day. It was even better…

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