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A short easy hike into the Ramon crater. Interesting Geological formations at the bottom.

Closest town Mitzpe Ramon
Difficulty Easy
Length 5.5 Km
Duration 2-3 Hours
Racommended season Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb, March-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct
Recommended time Morning

Hike Description
Getting There
Additional information

Starting Point:  Mitzpe Ramon, Southwest corner
Finish Point:  The carpentry, HW 40.

Pick up the Green markers and head down the trail.
You’ll be descending 200 meters down into the Makhtesh- dropping through the hard limestone cliffs and into the curved sandstone hills that make up most of the floor-layers. These layers contain the colorful rocks that paint the scenery with patches of orange, red, black and purple.
Once you make it to the bottom you’ll see a blue marked trail on your right. Turn left and stay on the Green trail. Markers of the INT are visible from this point as well. Follow the green trail on the side of the black hill and down into a small gorge. There you will see black Basal prisms on your left, and a red trail splitting to the right (South). Remain on the green trail as it crosses numerous small drainages that run rare rainwater down from the cliffs- but are dry most days of the year.
Our final stop will be at the bottom of prism-hill where a unique sandstone transformation was induced by intense geothermal activity, and left its signature in the shape of the rock fragments.
Continue along the access dirt road to the end of the hike on HW 40.

Getting back to Mitzpe Ramon is possible by hitchhiking on HW 40 or with a pre-arranged pickup.

Attractions: Ancient camel trail, Breathtaking scenery, Sandstone prisms.

On a bus- Take a bus to Mitzpe Ramon and ask to get off at the “camel mountain” bus stop (HAR GAMAL, in Hebrew) in front of The Green Backpackers hostel. Walk southeast along the street to the left turn. Follow the street for 50 meters and go to the cliff on your right, looking for the green markers.

By car- Drive to Mitzpe Ramon. Turn into town on Ben Guryon Blvd. Drive straight to “Zvi Hazan” circle and continue straight. Turn left on Rehavam Zeevi St. Pass a left turn as the street curves right and arrive at a circle. Turn Left at the circle and drive straight for 200 meters to the left turn. Pass the Green Backpackers Hostel. Turn left and drive for another 50 meters. Park on the street, or at the nearby parking lot, and look for the first green markers heading southeast from this point.

How was the Carpentry Created?

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You want an introduction to the Negev and more specifically to Maktesh Ramon? This trail would be the perfect choice for you. Going down into the crater, you will get a taste of the feeling of being inside this huge natural phenomenon. Offering a variety of colorful stones, sand and of course views of the wide landscape, there is no other possibility left other than being highly amazed by everything around you. Finish the hike by hitchhiking back into town and get excited for your next hikes.


Perfect short hike with a lot of interesting things to see. Perfect view of the Ramon crater once you start hiking down into it. (especially if you start at sunrise). Surprising sand colors and geological forms once you are inside of it, and the best swim ever at the end of it. Though I hear that the water hole is not always filled with water – only after good winters as this winter was. If you are looking for a 2 hour hike – make sure to do this one. You won’t regret it.

Polina Tkachuk

1. The green trail (the Carpentry) is easily doable even for a non-experienced person – such as me 😀 I was a bit afraid before going cause the first and last time I hiked before that was 10 years ago 🙂 but it turn out to be more than ok!
2. It starts at a spot in a 2 minutes walk from the Green Backpackers hostel. And the guys at the hostel will help you with your planning etc.
3. The Crater is amazing. Soooo beautiful! It looks like another planet. And not a soul around (I went by myself) And sunset. Amazing experience. Wonderful landscape.
4. I don’t know how it looks at the sunrise. I did try to go in the morning once but probably started to late cause it got super hot super early :)So i did it the same day another time – just before sunset. It felt more comfortable for me. And it was really beautiful. You can imagine.. It’s a pity I can’t attach pictures here 🙂


Very surprising trail.
Starts with the amazing view of Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon crater), and continues to some surprising desert landscapes – with a lot of colorful sand and geological phenomenons.
Great trail for your introduction to desert hiking in the Negev desert. I LOVED IT!

Amber Freeman

This is an excellent trail to shift your legs into hiking-mode. It also has the added bonus of being jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’s a 5-minute walk to the first trail marker from the Green Backpacker’s Hostel. From there, you trek down into the crater. It can be steep, so be careful. After the plunge, the trail is more-or-less level the rest of the way. It is very well marked. I never once got lost. As you walk, the landscape morphs under your tread: from yellow rocks riddled with holes (which I call swiss cheese) to small mountains of ashen stones to stripes of colored sand. Every bend offers something new. The trail’s name sake is a massive pile of rocks as uniform as if they were made at a carpentry. The whole trail is about 5.5km and takes about 2 hours (but give yourself 3 for the invariable photo-taking the landscape demands.)

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