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Hatzaz Daroch


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A great hike in two of the most unique canyons in the Negev

Closest Town Merhav Am
Difficulty medium-difficult
Length 21 km
Duration 6 hours
Recommended season Nov-Dec Jan-Feb, March-Apr, May-Jun, Sep-Oct
Recommended time Early morning

Hike description
Getting There

Starting Point: Hatzaz campground (600 meters Northeast of Merhav Am)
Finish Point: Midreshet Ben Guryon 

Begin at the campground. Follow the black markers along the jeep road for about 2.5 kilometers, passing a short access road to the Hatzaz Cisterns. At a sharp curve of the dirt road the black markers will continue straight on a foot trail. Walk through the shallow valley as you make your way to a brief climb and magnificent view. In the winter keep your eyes open for Daffodils hiding in small waterholes. Descend into the valley and follow the trail along the narrow rift. Be prepared to scale your way down two ladders and along a narrow passageway (hope you’re not scared of heights!). Check out the incredible rock formations as you go. Follow the black markers out of the valley and onto flat terrain. Continue on the black trail as it makes a sharp right and merges with the INT for 1.5 km. When the INT and a blue trail branch to the left continue straight (Northwest) for another 1.5 km.  When the black trail turns into a jeep road, follow this black road up for 1.8km , and cross your fingers that you can hitch a ride from a passing vehicle. If not, continue up the road until you see the red markers to your left. Follow the red markers North and then West to the green markers leading towards Midreshet Ben Gurion. Walk along the far end of the community. towards the road until you hit the bus stop.

Attractions: Hatzaz Cisterns, great view, Daffodils (in the winter), impressive stone arch, ladders, Lone acacia tree.

By bus- Take a bus Merhav Am and ask to be dropped off at the intersection. (if you get dropped off inside the community walk back the access road to the main road- 204).
Walk Northeast along the road for 600 meters until you arrive at the Black markers and the sign for Hatzaz Cisterns.

By Car-

Drive to Merhav Am. From the intersection of road 204 and the access road to the community drive Northeast along rd. 204 for 600 meters to a dirt road on your right (Southeast) marked with a sign “Hatzaz cisterns”. Look for the black markers. This dirt road is only acceassable to 4X4 vehicles.

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