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Ein Akev Loop

Ein Akev Maagali


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An amazing hike to an amazing spring

Closest Town Midreshet Ben Guryon
Difficulty Medium
Length 13km
Duration 6-7 hours
Recommended season Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb, March-Apr
Recommended time Early Morning

Hike Description
Getting There

Starting Point: Serpentinot CG.
Finish Point: Serpentinot CG.

This hike is most suitable for people travelling by car. for the public transportation version see
EinAkev Via Avdat Ruins.

From the parking lot head back (west) to the meeting with the road and find the Green markers on your left (south). Follow them as they approach the cliff and climb steeply up the cliff. At the top stop and catch your breath and an amazing look at the scenery of the Zin Valley and the where the Avdat canyon and the Havarim canyons meet. The Green trail will go along the cliff for a bit and head down a gradual slop on the other side to the flat valley of Divshon. You’ll pass a Bedouin camp and turn sharply right into a small gully. Carry on along the green trail for 2 more kilometers until it takes you to the edge of a dry waterfall (narrow ledge). From Here another 50 meters and you will ook onto the Akev Wadi and your trail down. Take Follow the trail down to the signpost and climb down the ledge (a small metal foothold ) to the bottom of the canyon. Turn right and walk 50 more meter to the pool.

After a cool dip and a nice rest, Head North along the blue markers, and reach the parking lot and the jeep road after 500 meters. From here you’ll be walking along jeep roads all the way back, so feel free to hitchhike the rest of the way.

The Blue marked jeep road will take you down the Akev Canyon for a little over 2km, Passing the designated “White plates”- MISHTAHIM LEVANIM Campground on the way. Turn left (west) along the red markers and into the Zin wadi, and walk for another 4 km along the jeep road until you arrive back at your car.

Attractions: Amazing spring, majestic view, old camel trail, Vulture sighting opportunities.

By Bus:

From Mitzpe Ramon Catch a bus to Beer Sheva or Dimona (64,160,55), or from Beer Sheva to Mitzpe Ramon. Get off at the traffic circle at Midreshet Ben Guryon. Walk to the traffic circle and turn right. If the entrance station is manned say you are going to Ein Akev, otherwise you’ll be charged the entrance fee for the Ein Avdat National Park. Walk down the road and at the bottom turn left onto a dirt road and the SERPENTINOT parking lot.

By Car:

Drive to Midreshet Ben Guryon on HW 40. Turn into the entrance road and arrive at a circle. Turn right at the circle and arrive at the entrance booth toEin Avdat Park. If the booth is manned Say you are hiking in Ein Akev, otherwise you’ll be charged the fee for Ein Avdat NP. Drive down the windy road and at the bottom turn left onto a dirt road and the SERPENTINOT Campground.

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Great desert trail!!! You really get to experience the desert with this great day hike.
This was the third hike we did in the desert and it really surprised us that every trail was so different from the last one. The Negev desert is so diverse and you really get to see it if you hike one day in the Makhtesh Ramon crater and the next day in the Zin Valley.
We did the loop trail as we where travelling by car. The views where great and getting to the spring was defiantly a highlight on this trail. We didn’t swim cause it was a bit too cold, but the weather was perfect for hiking so we didn’t care. It was absolutely amazing!


Great trail. The first part of the hike it was very hot and by the time I finished – there was a bad sand storm. I have a feeling this trail is much better with the right weather….


This is really great hike. One of the best hikes in Israel we where told, and indeed it was better than any of the other trails we did in the two weeks we where traveling. As we had a car we could not hike from the spring to the city of Avdat (as we had to get back to our car), but I do plan on coming back here for this.


This is by far the best desert trail in the Negev in my opinion!
This is a must hike for anyone who loves hiking. Make sure to come to this area for at least two nights as you will need a whole day for this trail. This is not a hike you can start traveling to another part of Israel after.

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