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Ammonite wall to peak 660

Nun Gova 660


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A short take-your-breath-away climb to the southern cliffs of the Ramon crater. Great vistas and interesting fossils.

Closest Town Mitzpe Ramon
Difficulty medium-difficult
Length 3 km
Duration 1-2 hours
Recommended season year round
Recommended time Sunrise or late afternoon

Getting there
Hike description

From Mitzpe Ramon head South on HW 40. The road will take you down “independence pass” into the Ramon crater. Cross the entire crater, and pass a sign on your left to “Beerot Campground” and “Han Saharonim”, drive 3km more and the next brown sign on your right side will be “Ammonite wall”. Park here. Total Drive from The entrance to Mitzpe Ramon- 14km.

Starting Point: Ammonite wall parking lot on HW 40.
Finish Point: Ammonite wall parking lot on HW 40.

From your car head West on the red trail (INT markers present as well). A green trail will branch to the right after 500m. Continue straight on the red trail for another 100 meter until you reach a small signpost pointing right at Ammonite wall. The Tilted limestone wall to your right is filled with the fossils of marine creatures that lived in an ancient ocean that once existed here. The bottom of this ocean was later lifted and bent and now builds the outer shell of the crater. Turn back on the red trail and when you reach the connection to the green trail start your climb up the ravine to the North. The Green Trail climbs very steeply in the seam between two hard layers of limestone. These giant slabs of tilted rock were once horizontal layers and internal tectonic forces lifted them to their current steepness. Once you reach the peak the view (and also the climb) is breathtaking. Pull out your camera and sip some water. Head on down from the peak- Northeast. Walk carefully down the gravel slope and pass a red trail to the left- continue on the green. The last stretch of the descent is right in the seam between limestone on your right and dark igneous rock on your left. Once you reach the road cross it and walk back to your car (South).

Attractions: Ammonite wall-fossils, sharply tilted geological layers, breathtaking view, igneous rock

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I loved this hike. We only had an hour and half on our second day in the area and this was the perfect hike!
Highly recommended.

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