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Negev Trek

Negev Trek is a local initiative that enables hikers from all around the world to enjoy multiple day hikes through back-country trails in the Negev desert.

Negev Trek team,  takes care of food, lodging, maps, transportation, and camping gear, and all you have to do is show up and HIKE.
Negev Trek currently offers the service along one chosen section of the Israel trail, and will be expanding to other trails in the near future.

The trip lasts 5 days and crosses desert expanses, hidden canyons, cool springs and breathtaking scenery.

Every evening, a support vehicle meets the hikers at the campground, carrying their personal belongings and all of the necessary camping gear and supplies, so hikers only have to carry a day pack with food and water for the day.

Negev Trek makes all of the arrangements and the reservations for you- all you have to do is enjoy the hike.

Hiking the Israeli National trail in Israel - Negev desert hikes - NegevTrek-640x350

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