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Hiking on your own

Hiking alone

Though it is possible and legal to hike alone, hiking with a partner or two is always better. There is someone there to take your picture, there is someone there to share jokes with, and most importantly- if anything, anything at all, goes wrong- even if it’s just a sprained ankle- Having a partner is the best and quickest way to get help. If you are traveling alone and don’t have a hiking buddy, it’s always a good idea to ask around at the hostel you are staying at or at the desk of your hotel. You can join a hiking tour at or Check out WaterDrop for other hikers in the area.
If all of these fail and you are left to hike on your own- Make sure to take a cellphone with you and inquire about reception along the trail you picked. Leave a detailed written plan with a receptionist or a hostel employee and make sure to carry a lot of water and a map.

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